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Is Invisalign® the Best Choice for Adults?

Is Invisalign® the Best Choice for Adults?

As an adult, you may have a whole new set of reasons to want your smile to be the best it can be. If you’re ready to join the millions of other adults seeking straightened teeth, you may want to consider Invisalign®

Dr. Kenn Kakosian and his team at DentAlign NYC: Kenn Kakosian DDS, PhD frequently recommend Invisalign to adult patients who want to correct misaligned teeth. Invisalign offers several benefits for adults compared with traditional braces with wires and brackets. 

Invisalign basics

Traditional braces use a system of wires and brackets to pull your teeth into the correct position to improve various issues with your bite, or malocclusion. Invisalign uses clear trays that fit over your teeth to accomplish the same goal. The trays aren’t actually invisible, but they are far less noticeable than wires and brackets, which is one of the main reasons adults tend to prefer Invisalign. 

Additionally, the trays are much more comfortable than wires and brackets. You remove the trays when you eat, which also increases the variety of foods you can eat while you’re undergoing treatment. 

You also remove the trays to brush and floss your teeth. Performing normal dental hygiene is much easier when you can remove your aligners than when wires and brackets are attached to your teeth! 

Issues Invisalign can correct

Some people inaccurately believe only a few relatively simple problems can be corrected with Invisalign aligners. However, several issues can be corrected, including: 

These problems can cause cosmetic concerns, but they can also make you more likely to experience gum disease, tooth decay, or even tooth loss. Some issues can interfere with your speech, make it difficult to chew, or change the appearance of your face. 

One aspect of Invisalign that is a bit problematic for some people is the fact that they can be removed. Although most people find that to be an advantage, some people find it frustrating. The aligners must remain on your teeth for 20-22 hours a day, so if you remove the aligner and forget to put it back in, you don’t get the maximum benefit. 

Is Invisalign right for you? 

The best way to find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign aligners, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kakosian. He’s happy to evaluate your situation and recommend the best approach for treatment. 

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