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Invisalign® for Underbites in NYC



Underbite is a condition in which the lower teeth extend farther than the upper teeth. Caused by misaligned teeth or the protrusion of the jaw, underbite is often likened to a bulldog-like appearance. While this may be cute on those pups, many people who suffer from underbite feel self-conscious about their appearance because of it. If you are embarrassed by your underbite, you are not alone. Although not as common as its counterpart, overbite, underbite affects somewhere between five to ten percent of the population. Whether you want to fix your underbite to feel more confident about your smile, or you are concerned about the effects on your dental health, we have the solution for you. Dr. Kenn Kakosian offers the best quality Invisalign® treatment in NYC. Visit our office to learn more about how we can fix your underbite.

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Causes of Underbites

Like overbite, underbite can be either inherited, caused by childhood habits, or inflicted by injury or illness. Underbite is most commonly inherited. Genetics determine a person’s tooth and jaw shape and size. You are more likely to suffer from an underbite if at least one member of your family also developed the condition. People born with cleft lip or palate, impacted teeth, or teeth that are abnormally shaped and don’t fit together properly are also at risk for developing an underbite. Childhood habits such as thumb sucking and using a pacifier past the age of three can cause an underbite. Long-term bottle-feeding or pushing on teeth with the tongue can also contribute to an underbite. These habits affect each child differently as they grow into adulthood. Prolonged thumb-sucking may cause underbite in some and overbite in others. Underbite can also manifest after a severe injury to the face. If you have suffered an injury that caused permanent damage to your jawbone, it’s possible that repairing the broken jawbone resulted in the teeth no longer aligning. Whatever the cause of your underbite, we recommend you request an appointment with Dr. Kenn Kakosian to determine whether you are a good fit for Invisalign® treatment.


Underbite Affects More Than Appearance

While some may find underbites undesirable aesthetically, they pose more than a cosmetic threat. Mild cases of underbite may result in nothing more than an unsightly grin, but severe cases can cause serious damage.

Underbite, known as Class III malocclusion or prognathism, can cause the chin to protrude, resulting in jaw pain and complications. Referred to colloquially as “bad bite,” underbite can cause the following issues:

  • Facial abnormality
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which can cause severe pain in the jaw
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing, and speaking
  • Tooth decay and other dental problems


Diamond Plus Care at an Affordable Price

There is no reason to suffer the pain and embarrassment that can accompany underbite. At Dr. Kenn Kakosian DDS’s office, we offer top tier Invisalign® treatment at an affordable price. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to look and feel your best. Whether you are looking for the cosmetic benefits of correcting your underbite or you need to alleviate the pain associated with your improper bite, our expert team is here to help. With over 15 years of experience providing the best Invisalign® care, you can guarantee we are the best provider in NYC. Our standing as an Invisalign® Diamond Provider ranks us among the elite 1% of providers in the country. Our highest standards of patient care matched with our affordable, fixed-rate prices and payment plans make us New Yorkers’ most trusted Invisalign® provider.



Get Started on Your Healthier Smile Today

Don’t delay! Your new, underbite-free smile could be mere months away. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary appointment with the acclaimed Dr. Kenn Kakosian DDS. We will discuss your concerns and goals for fixing your underbite and determine whether you are the right candidate for our Invisalign® treatment. Choose a more confident you. We hope to see you soon.


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