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Invisalign: The Choice of More Adults

Braces may be a rite of passage for teenagers, but many adults would rather not experience it. Instead, they might hide or apologize for their teeth, unaware that they have another option for their bite correction needs. Invisalign in New York City can make it possible to have an even and healthy smile without ever undergoing brace treatment. This innovative teeth-straightening procedure can eliminate orthodontic issues ranging from crooked teeth to open bites to gapped teeth without ever using conspicuous and uncomfortable metal equipment. So if you’ve hesitated to undergo treatment for your misalignment problems, now is the time to contact a dentist about the Invisalign treatment system.


A major concern that many adults have with traditional braces is the effect that they can have on their oral health. Good oral hygiene is imperative with braces, as food can easily become trapped around brace brackets and wire. Yet many people find it difficult and time-consuming to properly brush and floss their teeth while undergoing brace treatment. Even with their best efforts, the risk of tooth decay and gum disease can increase because of the obstacles that braces can present to oral hygiene. With Invisalign treatment, patients don’t have to worry about the health of their teeth. They can easily take out their plastic aligners each time they want to eat and clean their teeth, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of trapped food particles and poor cleaning results.


Adults often have cosmetic concerns about getting braces as well. Depending on the severity of patients’ orthodontic needs, they may need to wear braces for several months or even several years. The requirement to wear such conspicuous devices for a long duration of time is typically too great of a drawback for many people. Especially when appearance may factor into a person’s professional, personal, or social life, he may decide to forego braces. However, Invisalign care uses transparent aligners that make it easy to get straight teeth without suffering through noticeable treatment. So users of Invisalign never have to compromise their appearance as they get the stunning smiles they want.

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