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How Root Canals and Crowns Save Teeth

How Root Canals and Crowns Save Teeth

Root canals have something of a bad reputation — many people, on hearing the term “root canal,” react with anxiety or fear. However, restorative dentistry procedures like root canals are actually a great way to quickly and painlessly preserve your natural teeth after damage.

At DentAlign NYC of Midtown East, Manhattan, Dr. Kenn Kokosian can help you restore your teeth and protect your smile with procedures like root canals and crowns. Here’s what you need to know about how these procedures can save your teeth and spare you pain.

The benefits of root canals

Root canals are an effective way to treat teeth that have decayed or become infected on the inside. Many factors can lead to tooth damage that needs to be treated, including cavities, cracks, injuries, and even an old crown that’s become faulty.

Infection weakens your teeth. Without a root canal, you may need to have your affected tooth extracted, leaving a gap in your smile that will require ongoing, more intensive treatments. A root canal is often the easiest, least-intensive way to save your tooth, with less chance of later issues than dentures or bridges, and less hassle and discomfort than dental implants.

Root canals are much less scary than you might think. If your tooth can be saved with a root canal, that’s a big benefit to your long-term oral health.

What to expect during a root canal

Dr. Kokosian makes sure you don’t experience undue discomfort or anxiety during your root canal procedure. With the right care, you can restore your damaged teeth and leave your appointment with a smile. Local anesthetic medication keeps you from feeling pain during your root canal.

In a root canal procedure, Dr. Kokosian waits for the anesthetic to take full effect. Then, using a drill, he makes a small opening in your tooth that allows him to clean out the infected pulp and remove the nerve from inside your tooth. He then refills the interior space of your tooth with a specialized filling material known as gutta percha.

Finally, it’s time to reseal your tooth and prepare the exterior surface for a protective dental crown. Your crown, made of porcelain or other long-lasting materials that mimic the appearance of your remaining natural teeth, strengthens and protects your tooth, so you won’t experience any loss of function or issues with appearance after a root canal.

You may need to have your crown installed at a second, follow-up appointment.

To learn more about getting a root canal at DentAlign NYC, get in touch with Dr. Kokosian and his team today. Schedule your appointment online, or call 716-350-0665 to book.

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