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5 Reasons Dental Veneers May Be Right for You

5 Reasons Dental Veneers May Be Right for You

Even if you brush and floss daily, you can still end up with some dental flaws that make you keep your mouth shut when what you really want to do is speak freely, laugh out loud, and smile ear to ear. Accidents, illnesses, and genetics can cause problems that make you feel self-conscious every time you open your mouth.

Whatever’s bothering you about your smile, we can help you fix the flaws at DentAlign NYC. Led by one of the top-rated dental experts in New York, Kenn Kakosian, DDS, PhD, our team helps patients throughout Midtown East, Manhattan, and the greater New York City area finally achieve the radiant smile they’ve always dreamed of.

If you have a few complaints about the look of your teeth, we offer several cosmetic dentistry treatments that can repair and revitalize your smile.

How cosmetic dentistry can change your life

It may seem like an exaggeration to claim that cosmetic dentistry can change your life, but hear us out. It’s a scientific fact that your smile matters. Consider these study findings about smiles:

It affects others’ perception of you

More than 48% of Americans say they remember a person’s smile more than any other feature.

It can get you a date — and a second one

If you have a nice smile, you’re 57% more likely to get a first date. But even if you get a “yes” on the first date despite a less-than-stellar smile, 38% of singles say they wouldn’t go out again with a date who has teeth problems.

It can help you get a job

Because 58% of employers subconsciously equate a straight, healthy smile with the potential for success, fixing your teeth may land you a better job.

It can make you happier and more positive

About 33% of millennials claim that their teeth problems affect their self-confidence and their willingness to socialize, so they tend to keep their lips closed and their schedules empty. 

Fortunately, we can help. We offer a comprehensive lineup of cosmetic dentistry services that can transform your smile. Depending on your individual needs, you may benefit from:

One of the most conservative and dramatic treatments is the one that can hide your flaws quickly and painlessly — veneers. These ultra-thin, porcelain shells are permanently bonded to the surface of your teeth, so Dr. Kakosian can create the perfect smile that will last for years to come.

Why you should consider dental veneers

There are many reasons to consider getting veneers — here are five of them.

1. You have discolored teeth

Injury, infection, genes, and even some medications can cause your teeth to turn gray, brown, or black. Because this color comes from within, teeth whitening won’t resolve it. Whether you have just one dark tooth or a mouthful of dingy, yellow chompers, veneers can cover the off color. 

2. You have misshapen teeth

Some people are born with one small tooth that looks like a baby’s tooth, or they have a full arch of tiny teeth. Whether your teeth are too pointy, too round, too square, or too anything, veneers can change the shape so you sport a full row of proportional teeth.

3. You have gaps

For some, a gap between the two front teeth is a signature look, but most people simply wish it would go away. We can close up your gap with either composite bonding or porcelain veneers.

4. You have short teeth

If your teeth are too short to meet your bottom teeth, it throws off your bite, your speech, and your smile. Custom-fitted veneers can add length to your teeth so they appear uniform and complete.

5. You have damaged teeth

Cracks and chips give the impression that you don’t take care of your teeth, which can cause people to avoid or dismiss you. These seemingly minor injuries may also allow bacteria to enter the inner part of your tooth, which can lead to decay and other health problems. Veneers effectively seal off the surface of your tooth to protect it from further damage.

If you have a few dental flaws that are holding you back from living life to the fullest, schedule an appointment at DentAlign NYC today. You can call our office or book online. 

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