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Gaps in Your Teeth

Gap teeth are incredibly common. From the TV to your local community, chances are you’ve seen someone with a gap in their teeth, even if you don’t have one yourself. While having gap teeth may be desirable for some, they aren’t for others. If you are self-conscious about your gap, Dr. Kenn Kakosian can help. Our elite Invisalign® treatment can help you cultivate the smile of your dreams. If you are not interested in fixing your gap for the cosmetic appeal, there are also significant health benefits to closing the gaps between teeth. Invisalign® provides more than a pretty smile. It helps people regain control over their dental health and overall wellbeing.

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Choose Invisalign® for a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Gap teeth, also called diastema, can be genetic. When the jaw is significantly larger than average, your teeth develop excess space between themselves. Gaps can also be caused by an improper bite. More often, diastema is caused by childhood habits. Pushing or thrusting the tongue between your teeth during developmental stages can cause irregular spacing. No matter the cause, diastema can do more than hinder you from having a stereotypically perfect smile.

Risks of Gap Teeth

Most difficulties with gapped teeth surround oral hygiene, but some complications can cause a great deal of pain. You must consider our Invisalign® treatment if you are worried about your gap affecting your health. If you have gaps between your teeth, you are at risk of the following:

  • Trouble properly brushing and flossing
  • Vulnerable and weakened gums, which can lead to gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis
  • Plaque buildup and tooth decay
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing
  • Exacerbated oral conditions which can lead to more severe complications, including heart disease
  • Digestive issues
  • Jaw, head, neck, and ear pain

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Confidence at an Affordable Cost

You can achieve the flawless smile you always dreamed of without breaking the bank. At the office of Dr. Kenn Kakosian DDS, we guarantee expert care. In 2018, we were ranked among the elite 1% of Invisalign® providers, earning Diamond Plus status. The best part is that we offer high-quality care at an affordable price. Explore our Invisalign® cost and payment plan options to find the solution that is best for you and your budget. Why spend months or even years with metal brackets and wires in your mouth? There’s no reason to spend time feeling less confident about your smile. Choose the discrete solution of Invisalign®. The clear plastic trays fit comfortably in your mouth and are much less noticeable than traditional braces. We want you to feel great about your smile once the treatment is completed and at every milestone throughout your treatment process. We are dedicated to providing you dental care that will improve your self-esteem and overall health without causing financial strain. Make strides toward perfect teeth with the Invisalign® provider NYC trusts.

Reach Out Today and Close the Gap in Your Confidence

With over 15 years of experience providing New Yorkers with Invisalign® treatment and over three decades of experience serving New York’s dental needs, you can trust you will receive expert care. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Visit us soon in our office located in the historic Chrysler Building.

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