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DentAlign NYC Answers Your Questions About Teeth Whitening

Unfortunately, yellowing or discoloration of the teeth is a common occurrence as you age. Though it is unavoidable, the stains can be reversed with the help of a qualified dental professional. At DentAlign NYC, we provide comprehensive dental services to improve the health and appearance of your smile. One of our most popular services at our New York City office is our teeth whitening treatment. We can help you achieve the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted. We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you gather all the information you need about teeth whitening. Please reach out to us if you have additional questions.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth can become stained when colored molecules from food and drinks stick to the plaque, tartar, and surface of the teeth. Although regular dental cleanings can help to remove plaque and tartar, stains can sometimes remain because the colored particles have reached the layer of the teeth below the dentin. The Zoom! teeth whitening process we use can lift out these deep stains by using a special gel whitening agent. The gel is applied to the teeth and is accelerated by the advanced Phillips Zoom Blue LED light technology to break apart the staining molecules stuck on the teeth.

How long will it take to whiten teeth?

The teeth whitening process is relatively quick and easy. Our in-office treatment produces results in a single session. In most cases, you’ll be out of our office within an hour. We work to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. You’ll be free to relax in our office as the whitening process works its magic, and you’ll leave with visibly whiter teeth. We also offer a take-home whitening option that will produce more gradual results. These trays can be used over several weeks until the desired whiteness is achieved. Our take-home treatments can also be an excellent way to maintain your results after an in-office treatment.

Do I need to get a cleaning before teeth whitening?

To produce the best whitening results, you want your teeth to be free of any plaque or tartar. This means it’s important to keep up with your regular dental cleanings if you want your whitening to be effective. With plaque and tartar out of the way, the whitening agent will reach and penetrate the surface of your teeth to lift stains more effectively. If you need a cleaning, we recommend getting one before your teeth whitening treatment. We can even schedule both services for the same day, so you can leave the office with a clean, bright smile.

How do I know if teeth whitening will work for me?

Teeth whitening will produce noticeable results for most patients. However, the results will vary from person to person and depend on the type of stains each person has. For example, teeth whitening treatment tends to work best on yellowish or brown stains instead of gray stains. If you have concerns about whether our services will produce the results you want, we suggest you speak to our dentist.

What types of stains can teeth whitening eliminate?

Tooth stains can be caused by several factors, but luckily teeth whitening treatments can address most types of stains. The two categories of teeth stains are extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic teeth stains are caused by the things we consume. They occur when the enamel of the teeth become discolored due to exposure to substances that stain them. This could be any number of foods or drinks, like coffee, wine, tea, sodas, pasta sauces, acidic fruits, candy, and more. On the other hand, intrinsic stains are caused by internal factors. Some common intrinsic factors include exposure to excess fluoride in young children or to tetracycline antibiotics while in the womb. Your dentist will be able to determine whether teeth whitening can address your stains.

Will it hurt to get my teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening may cause some sensitivity after treatment. The level of sensitivity will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may experience no sensitivity, while other patients may experience some discomfort in the two days following the treatment. The Zoom! treatment we use includes amorphous calcium phosphate, which helps to reduce sensitivity and improve your comfort after the treatment. If you are concerned about tooth sensitivity, you can speak to your dentist about how you can help prevent it following your treatment. We may suggest a special toothpaste you can use before and after your procedure to help prevent sensitivity.

Can teeth whitening damage my enamel?

When you receive teeth whitening from an experienced dental professional, you significantly reduce the risk of damage to your tooth enamel and gums. Though the gel used in whitening procedures contains incredibly powerful ingredients, a dental professional will know the proper ways to handle, apply, and remove the gel agent from teeth, ensuring safety throughout the process. Our team has been professionally trained and uses whitening products with special ingredients to help protect your enamel.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

The cost of teeth whitening will vary depending on the type of treatment you choose. In most cases, take-home trays will be less expensive than in-office treatments. However, take-home options will not produce results as quickly as those done in-office. If you’d like to learn more about the exact costs of our treatments, we encourage you to schedule a consultation.

What do I need to do following teeth whitening?

In order to maintain your teeth whitening results, you’ll want to avoid any foods or drinks that can stain your teeth for at least the first 48 hours following your appointment. This means no coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juices, berries, and foods with artificial colors. You’ll also want to avoid smoking for as long as possible following your treatment.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

When you properly care for your teeth, the results of teeth whitening can last for several months or up to a year. For the best retention of your teeth whitening, patients should follow a healthy diet, refrain from smoking, avoid food and drinks that cause stains, use straws, and get regular dental cleanings. For this reason, it’s important that you listen to the dentist’s after-care instructions and follow them as best as you can.

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