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Brighten Your Smile With Veneers at DentAlign NYC

Are you unsatisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Even with proper dental hygiene, some just aren’t quite happy with their teeth. Teeth become discolored with age, regardless of dental care, and medical conditions and genetics both play a role in the appearance of your teeth. However, if you’re unhappy with your smile, you have options. DentAlign NYC provides top-quality veneers to our New York City patients looking to brighten their smile. Veneers are an excellent solution in cosmetic dentistry designed to improve your smile and your self-confidence in the process. Learn more about this fantastic option from the dental services experts at DentAlign NYC.

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Exploring Veneers and Its Varieties

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells your dentist can bond to the existing structure of your tooth. Once completed, the outside of your tooth looks good as new and just as natural as the rest of your teeth. Veneers are expertly crafted to match the original color of your tooth to create the ideal smile. Most veneers are made from porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain veneers tend to last longer and offer the most natural-looking appearance while fighting stains all the while. Composite resin veneers are the most cost-effective option but don’t last as long. Removable veneers are possible as well but don’t offer the same lifespan or durability as traditional veneers. Talk to the team at DentAlign NYC about the best choice for you.

What Is the Veneers Process Like?

Getting veneers is a process all its own. In most cases, it’s a three-step procedure that results in a stunning smile you’ll be proud of. Before we get started on the veneers themselves, you’ll need to visit DentAlign NYC for a consultation where we’ll evaluate your current oral health. This will include x-rays and any other imaging we need to ensure you’re in good health. When you come in for your second visit, your dentist will remove a portion of your tooth to make an impression. The impression is sent off to a dental lab where they’ll get to work fabricating your veneers. In the meantime, we’ll place temporary veneers. During your final visit, we’ll place and bond your permanent veneers for a bright, shining smile.

Veneers Can Restore Confidence With a Stunning Smile

DentAlign NYC patients rave about the results they get from their veneers. Many report feeling much more confident in their appearance, unafraid to smile and laugh. However, veneers have several more advantages than just that. Veneers can be designed to match the color of the rest of your teeth for a natural look. This cosmetic technique covers up chips or cracks while still preserving most of your natural teeth. Veneers won’t stain over time and can last up to 10 or 15 years with proper maintenance. Ask our New York City team for more information on the advantages of veneers!

Am I a Good Candidate for Veneers?

As with any dental or medical procedure, you’ll need to be a good candidate before you can get started. Your dentist at DentAlign NYC will help you determine whether or not veneers are right for you. In general, veneers may be an option if you’re in good general health and don’t have significant tooth decay. Veneers aren’t typically recommended for those who grind their teeth or need a mouth guard to sleep, as grinding could damage veneers during the night. However, never hesitate to talk to your dentist about your circumstances and dental goals.

Consult With the DentAlign NYC Team About Veneers

If you feel that veneers might be the cosmetic option for you, get in touch with the experienced team at DentAlign NYC. Our dentists are well-versed in all kinds of cosmetic techniques and will be able to help you determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. We understand trips to the dentist are the source of fear and anxiety for many, but our compassionate staff is here to ease your fears. Whether you’re looking to get veneers or take advantage of one of our other dental services, we’re ready to help. Contact our team in New York City today to learn more about veneers and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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