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Get Your Digital X-Rays at DentAlign NYC

If you’ve been to the dentist recently, you’re probably familiar with the process of taking digital x-rays. Dentists in New York City and beyond take these images for a plethora of reasons, both to evaluate your condition and plan preventative measures. Although there’s a cost associated with them, the digital x-ray advantages almost always outweigh the price. If you’re due for a dental x-ray, the team at DentAlign NYC is happy to assist. We provide x-rays to patients of all ages, being sure to screen for all the common issues and as well as the not-so-common dental problems. Our dental services office is conveniently located in the heart of New York City, so you can pop in for your appointment during any of our open hours. Schedule an appointment today or learn more about the importance of digital x-rays.

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What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays are often a standard part of a routine dental checkup. At DentAlign, we use special equipment to take detailed images of your teeth, jawbone, and mouth as a whole. We then evaluate these images to search for existing tooth decay and dental hygiene issues, while also checking for any early warning signs of further problems. Digital x-rays are instrumental in both diagnosing conditions and staying vigilant for future problems.

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Why Should I Invest in Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays are more than just images of your teeth; they’re preventative measures aimed at maintaining your oral health. Using x-rays, we can check for common problems such as cavities and tooth decay, as well as underlying conditions you might not be able to identify yourself. X-rays give us an inside look at the roots and bone under your gums, both of which can develop their own problems not visible to the naked eye. We can identify conditions such as cysts, abscesses, and even the early signs of oral cancer. All in all, digital x-ray advantages are a crucial part of a routine dental exam. When properly evaluated, we can create a treatment plan that anticipates potential conditions and keeps your mouth and teeth as healthy as possible.

Keep Up With Regular Digital X-Rays

When you visit DentAlign NYC, be sure you’re regularly having digital x-rays. How often you need an x-ray varies according to several circumstances. New patients will likely have a different experience than returning patients. If this is the first time you’ll be visiting DentAlign NYC, our team will need to run a full range of x-rays to search for any preexisting conditions. We’ll take plenty of digital x-rays, including some that result in a panoramic view of the mouth, jaw, and teeth. In addition to x-rays, we’ll ask that you provide a comprehensive medical history and information on any current conditions.

If you’re returning to DentAlign NYC for another routine appointment, you might not need a digital x-ray. In general, we recommend a new set of x-rays every year. As long as we don’t find any cause for concern, yearly x-rays are enough to create a treatment plan designed specifically for you. However, if you have certain dental conditions or are prone to tooth decay, we may need to take x-rays more often. Your dentist will be able to explain what frequency you’ll want when it comes to digital x-rays and explain more about what they can identify.

Understanding the Cost of Digital X-Rays

Good news! The digital x-ray cost isn’t generally expensive. While you might have to pay out of pocket for certain types of x-rays, the cost usually doesn’t break the bank. A single x-ray might cost around $20, while panoramic x-rays might reach around $200. Be sure to do your research and check with your insurance provider about what kinds of x-rays are covered within your policy. The team at DentAlign is always here for you should you need help navigating insurance.

Take the First Step Toward Exemplary Oral Health

Few of us get excited when it comes to regular dental checkups and the digital x-rays that come with them. However, when you explore all the digital x-ray advantages, it becomes clear why we need them at least once a year. This imaging technology goes a long way to ensuring your oral health today and in the months to come. Whether you’re coming back for your next yearly x-ray or you haven’t been to the dentist in years, our New York City team is ready to help you. Make an appointment with DentAlign NYC today to take the first step toward peak oral health. Contact us!

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