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Considering Dental Bridges? Learn More From DentAlign NYC

There are many reasons why we lose teeth. Sometimes tooth decay causes teeth to fall out prematurely, or you might have been involved in an accident that knocked out one or more teeth. No matter the reasoning behind why you don’t have all your teeth, you deserve a beautiful, complete smile. The team at DentAlign NYC can help renew your smile with dental bridges. Our New York City team is highly trained in this and a wide range of additional dental services to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. When you speak with our team, you never have to stress about less-than-perfect oral health again. We’re here to help you, not shame you! Learn more about dental bridges as a restorative solution.

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What Are Bridges and Why Choose Them?

Dental bridges are artificial teeth that can replace missing teeth, whether you only need one spot filled or several adjacent teeth. Bridges are set into the mouth, anchored by the natural teeth on either side of the bridge. At DentAlign NYC, we might recommend dental bridges for a few different reasons. Cracked or chipped teeth might be replaced with a bridge if they cannot be fixed with a standard filling. If a traumatic injury or tooth decay has left you needing a root canal, a bridge might be a better option if the damage is severe. Be sure to ask your dentist if a dental partial or bridge is the right choice for your circumstances.

Comparing Dental Bridges With Dental Implants

While bridges are an excellent choice to restore your smile, they’re not the only option. Many patients choose dental implants instead. These implants are placed directly into your gum and jawbone using a titanium anchor. Dental implants are known for their long lifespan and durability. However, some people do not have enough bone mass in their jaw to support conventional dental implants. Because of the pros and cons of dental bridges and dental implants, your dentist will help you decide which is the best treatment option for you.

Placing Dental Bridges at DentAlign NYC

The team at DentAlign NYC is trained to expertly place your new dental bridges, no matter how many teeth you need to replace. We’ll design a bridge specific to your mouth to replace one or more teeth. Then, we’ll remove the top of each natural tooth that will act as an anchor for the bridge. Next, our team makes a model of your missing teeth to be sent off to a dental laboratory for construction. While you wait for your custom dental bridge, we’ll place a temporary bridge so you can still speak, chew, and eat as normal. Soon enough, your permanent crown will be delivered to our New York City office for final placement.

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Walking Through the Dental Bridges Pros and Cons

Dental bridges have several pros and cons you should consider before deciding on the restorative option for you. First of all, dental bridges offer a speedy solution to missing teeth, where dental implants take months, even when the procedure is already started. Bridges don’t require bone grafting, which means less money and time spent on placement. Perhaps the biggest advantage of dental bridges is their cost-effectiveness. These won’t break the bank as other restorative options might! However, bridges also tend to put extra stress on the surrounding teeth and don’t last as long as implants. The team at DentAlign NYC will help you weigh the dental bridges pros and cons before you choose a solution.

Determining Your Candidacy for a Dental Bridge

Although dental bridges are an excellent solution to restore your smile, they’re not for everyone. To be a good candidate for a dental bridge, you need enough healthy, natural teeth on either side of the gap in your mouth. These will act as an anchor, so they need to be strong enough to support the bridge. If a traditional dental bridge isn’t for you, we can discuss dental partials or complete dentures.

Interested in Discussing Dental Bridges?

If you feel dental bridges are the restorative solution for you, feel free to schedule a consultation with the team at DentAlign NYC. Our New York City office has a calming, welcoming atmosphere, and we’d be happy to discuss your options with you. Whether you’d like to learn more about dental bridges or schedule your first appointment, we’re just a call away. Contact us today.

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