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Invisalign new york

Many people think the quality of their smiles is separate from the health of their teeth. In fact, the two are intricately connected. Getting Invisalign in New York City can help you achieve the straighter smile you want, but it can also provide you with a stronger oral health foundation. To enjoy more even teeth and better dental wellbeing, consult a cosmetic dentistry specialist about your Invisalign treatment options.

Fewer Cavities

The health of your teeth relies heavily on your capacity to successfully clean them each day. All the surfaces of your teeth can fall vulnerable to bacterial acids and plaque buildup. Only with daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing can you remove the substances that contribute to tooth decay. However, if you suffer from crooked or crowded teeth, you might not have the ability to reach all tooth surfaces. This problem can make the formation of cavities more likely, as bacteria have more time and space to damage your teeth. Invisalign treatment can improve the alignment of your teeth, which can enhance your oral hygiene effectiveness.

Less Gum Inflammation

The accumulation of bacteria and food debris can cause damage to more than just the teeth. When plaque has the chance to build on tooth enamel, it can irritate nearby gums. In response, gum tissue may become tender, red, or prone to bleeding. The longer that the gums remained exposed to this type of inflammation, the greater the chance for permanent tissue damage. Recession of the gums is common when plaque persists from poor oral hygiene. In the most severe instances, tooth loss can occur. With Invisalign braces, though, you can reduce your risk of plaque collection and gum inflammation.

Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A cosmetic dentistry specialist might recommend Invisalign as a convenient way to ward off one of the most common health conditions: cardiovascular disease. Studies show a connection between instances of gum disease and more pervasive inflammation in the vascular system. Many dentists believe that this link stems from the spreading of bacteria from the mouth into the bloodstream where it can cause damage to blood vessels. Invisalign treatment, while used primarily to address oral health conditions, could also be an important preventive measure in the fight against cardiovascular decline.