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COVID Precautions at Our NYC Office

DentAlign NYC’s COVID Safety Strategies

As we reopen for routine cleanings and appointments, we want our valued patients to know their safety is our top priority. At DentAlign NYC, we have implemented a wide range of dental office COVID precautions to minimize the spread of disease. Our team wants you and your family to feel comfortable in our New York City office, and we realize increased safety measures are an essential part of your comfort nowadays. Read up on the ways we’re doing our part to slow the COVID-19 pandemic or contact us with questions.

Maintaining Oral Health Is Still Important

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, your dental health is still crucial. While it can be tempting to forego routine cleanings, we encourage you to schedule appointments at standard intervals. However, we understand that many people just aren’t comfortable with leaving home more than absolutely necessary. Be sure to ask our team about proper home care measures to ensure your teeth stay healthy during this time. Nonetheless, you should never hesitate to contact us in the event of an oral emergency. Call us right away if you have the following symptoms:

  • Painful toothaches that don’t respond to pain relievers
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Facial injuries, such as cracked or missing teeth
  • Broken crowns or fillings
  • Swelling in the mouth
  • Other signs of tooth infection

We Remain Dedicated to Your Safety

If you decide to visit us, please know that our dental office takes all COVID precautions seriously. We have implemented all required safety measures and then some. Here’s a brief summary of the dentistry COVID precautions you can expect at our office:


Before patients can have a seat in our waiting room, they must complete a health questionnaire and submit to a temperature check.

No Unnecessary Contact

Of course, we’ll have to contact you to complete a dental exam. But we can minimize other contact in our office, such as handshakes.

Team Health Checks

Each member of our staff must pass a health check upon arriving at our office each day.

Medical-Grade Masks

Our dentists and hygienists are required to wear N95 and ASYM Level 3 masks at our office. This ensures an extra layer of protection during your appointment.

Air Filtration

To slow the airborne spread of COVID-19, we have implemented HEPA-grade filters. When you visit our office, you’ll enjoy some of the cleanest air in NYC.

Clothing Precautions

Our staff will always change in and out of work clothes at the office.

Get in Touch with Us Today

At DentAlign NYC, we know leaving home for even a routine grocery store trip is stressful. Our team wants you to feel comfortable getting the dental care you need, even in the midst of a pandemic. We’re taking all the above precautions, and then some, to ensure you’re safe and sound in our New York City office. Feel free to reach out to our friendly team for details on our COVID prevention strategies.