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  • How Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

    Dr. Kenn Kakosian DDS Logo Smiling is one of the most natural ways to convey happiness and confidence. If you are unhappy with the look of your teeth, though, you may be hiding what could be one of your best attributes. When applied by a New York City cosmetic dentistry specialist, dental veneers can instantly transform your teeth and give you a reason to smile. These natural-looking devices offer a swift and painless solution to many cosmetic dentistry problems.

    Mask Stubborn Discoloration

    Do you suffer from noticeable tooth stains? While teeth whitening treatment may address discoloration left by coffee, tea, and other food agents, it might not be strong enough to remove stains caused by injury and medication. To get the bright smile you deserve, talk to a cosmetic dentist about dental veneers . When applied over your tooth, a veneer can mask the discoloration compromising your smile. In just minutes, you can enjoy a consistently white smile free from stubborn stains.

    Disguise Misshapen Teeth

    Teeth are durable structures, as they withstand many pounds of pressure each time you enjoy a meal. However, they can still be susceptible to injury. A wayward elbow to the mouth or unintentional slip and fall accident can result in chipped and cracked teeth. Especially when these injuries occur to the front teeth, they can detract from the beauty of your smile. In some cases, misshapen teeth can also be the result of genetics. In either circumstance, dental veneers can create a beautifully shaped smile. Made to cater to the individual cosmetic needs of each patient, veneers can disguise even the most misshapen teeth.

    Address Minor Malocclusion

    Perhaps you have reservations about your teeth because they have gaps between them or they are mildly crooked. Though Invisalign treatment can correct these issues, you would rather not undergo this type of dental care. When you want a more even smile without teeth straightening treatment, you may be an ideal candidate for dental veneers. While only Invisalign can correct the cause of your misalignment issues, veneers can address the cosmetic problems they produce. In a single dental office visit, a cosmetic dentist can make your gaps and crooked teeth disappear with these durable devices.

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  • Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Whitened Smile

    A beautifully white smile can brighten your mood and enhance your self-confidence. To enjoy the benefits of your teeth whitening treatment for as long as possible, it’s important to cultivate habits that will protect your teeth from future discoloration. While New York City cosmetic dentistry services can remove unsightly teeth stains, it is up to you to keep them from returning too soon.

    Stop All Tobacco Usage


    Do you smoke? If so, your dentist may have already warned you of the heightened risk it poses for oral cancer and periodontal disease. However, tobacco usage of any kind can also hasten the rate at which you suffer from dull and discolored teeth. Stopping all cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoking activities is essential to keeping your teeth bright and clean. If you find it difficult to give up this habit on your own, talk to your dentist about local cessation programs that could help you stop.

    Limit Your Intake of Dark Beverages

    Many people turn to coffee or tea to wake them up in the morning. If you count yourself among this group, consider the staining effects of these beverages. Any dark-colored liquid can discolor teeth when consumed on a consistent basis. So if you often drink coffee, tea, red wine, cola, cranberry juice, or another similar beverage, you may want to reduce the frequency at which you enjoy them. You can also minimize the damage that these drinks may have on your teeth with you follow them with a glass of water or drink them only through straws.

    Get Regular Teeth Cleanings

    Daily brushing and flossing practices are key for the removal of bacteria and food debris that can cause plaque buildup on your teeth. Yet even with a consistent oral hygiene routine, you might still notice the gradual yellowing of your teeth. Once plaque turns to tartar, it becomes all the harder to prevent your smile from losing its bright luster. Only a cosmetic dentist with the skills and tools to safely remove tartar can help you retain a white smile for as long as possible. To prolong the results of your teeth whitening treatment, get biannual teeth cleanings.

  • The Causes of Tooth Discoloration

    The mark of a healthy smile is white teeth. This video explains why teeth develop stains and how a dentist serving New York City can help you regain a bright smile.

    Tooth discoloration typically results from lifestyle habits. For instance, the foods and beverages you eat and drink on a regular basis can leave dark deposits on your tooth enamel. Red wine, black tea, and coffee are some of the more common culprits. If you use tobacco products such as cigarettes, pipe tobacco, or chewing tobacco, they too can cause your teeth to turn yellow or brown. However, a cosmetic dentist can help you once again enjoy a dazzling white smile. Cosmetic dentistry services, including both teeth whitening and dental bonding, can remove or disguise the look of tooth discoloration in a single dental office visit.

  • Answering Your Invisalign Questions

    invisalign manhattan

    Just like braces, Invisalign treatment can address overbite, under bite, cross bite, and other dental misalignment issues. If you have yet to experience the benefits of Invisalign, though, you may be wondering how long it takes to see results and what is included in your Invisalign treatment package.

    The time required to address malocclusion varies from person to person. Upon creating your Invisalign treatment plan, your dentist can provide an estimate of how long the Invisalign procedure might take to correct your bite or other misalignment issue. Your treatment plan also includes any necessary treatment revisions should your dentist determine that your teeth are not straightening as he would like. Regardless of how long it takes to provide you with an even and beautiful smile, your cost for Invisalign remains the same. The total price for your treatment includes all of your given aligners, as well as your dental office visits for the duration of your Invisalign care.