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Achieve Your Dream Smile With Dental Bonding

Tooth discoloration, cracks, chips, gaps, and other flaws make many people feel insecure about their smiles. DentAlign NYC helps you achieve the smile of your dreams with cosmetic dental bonding in New York City. You’ll get natural, lasting results from the minimally invasive dental treatment. Bonding is made of composite resin that is similar to the color of your teeth. It takes over the damaged area for a natural, new look. Many people need dental bonding after grinding teeth takes a toll on the edges of your teeth, or you want to fix the look of uneven teeth. In one appointment, we can apply dental bonds and repair your stunning smile. Tooth bonding is a standard procedure that helps boost confidence and the overall look of your smile. Contact us for more information.

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Best Candidates For Dental Bonding

Teeth bonding candidates include people with teeth that aren’t severely decayed and have only suffered minor injuries. If you’ve broken a tooth in half, lost a tooth, or have a severely damaged tooth, a dental implant may be the best option. Tooth bonding is excellent for people that already love the color of their teeth and simply want a flawless smile. If you want to whiten your teeth professionally, it is best to do the procedure before applying a bond.

Tooth Bonding Procedure

Teeth bonding is a fast, painless procedure. During the procedure we will:

  • Choose a composite resin color to match your teeth
  • Create a rough surface for the composite and liquid to stick, then apply a bonding agent
  • Add the composite resin to the tooth and mold it to repair the damage
  • Apply blue ultraviolet light to harden

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Your beautiful smile will last for many years if you properly care for your teeth. It’s important to brush with fluoride toothpaste and floss twice a day for optimal oral health. The resin material of your dental bond may discolor over time, so it’s best to avoid coffee, smoking, or berries. It’s also best to steer away from acidic and sugary foods and beverages. You can help prevent the bond from falling off by not chewing overly hard food, biting inedible objects, or using your teeth as tools. If the dental bonding is damaged, we can replace it with a new one.

Are You Ready For A Flawless Smile?

Your teeth are tough, but they aren’t indestructible. Dental teeth bonding gives you confidence in your pearly whites by fixing breaks, cracks, and gaps in your teeth. It’s a durable, painless procedure. If you’re ready for a flawless smile, talk to us about dental bonding today.

Contact Us For Dental Bonding Today

If you’re interested in dental bonding, contact our team at DentAlign NYC. Our dentists, Dr. Irene Kakosian and Dr. Kenn Kakosian would love to make your smile a little brighter. Dental bonding helps with chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, broken teeth, or any teeth imperfections. We’ll help you love your own smile! Reach out to us today to make an appointment.

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