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Invisalign for Adults

When people go through childhood without teeth straightening treatment, they often think it is too late for them to have a beautiful smile in adulthood. Especially because braces can draw unwanted attention, many adults hesitate to consult a dentist serving New York City about their cosmetic dentistry needs. However, adults can have the straight, stunning smiles they want without the inconvenience of braces. An Invisalign dentist can address their overbite, crossbite, and underbite problems with clear, comfortable aligners. Invisalign braces are not braces at all; rather, these transparent plastic devices wrap around the teeth and gently move them into proper alignment. So adults who want a more attractive smile can do so without anyone noticing their Invisalign treatment. In addition, many adults prefer Invisalign to braces because of their ease of use. These devices can come out at any time, making it easy for patients to clean their teeth and maintain their normal eating habits without metal brackets and wires getting in the way.